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Part 1: Lay Out

There are seven main screens in the Class Cards app:

Class Screen
Roster Screen
Random Screen
Selected Student Screen
Score Screen
Privacy Screen
Info Screen

#1 Class Screen

Class Screen

  1. List of classes you've created.
  2. Date class was last used.
  3. RANDOM: displays the names of the students in the class you selected in random order.
  4. SELECT: allows you to choose a student from the class you selected.
  5. SCORES: if you've selected a class, you'll see the scores for the students in the class. If you haven't selected a class, you'll see three buttons: Reset Scores, Export Scores, and Email Scores.
  6. Edit: if you've selected a class, you'll see the class roster so that you can edit student information. If you haven't selected a class, you'll see three buttons: Delete Class, Create New Class, and Duplicate Class.
  7. Info: displays a list of links: Mobile-friendly User Guide; How to Import a Class List;;; Rate Class Cards; and Email Rick.

#2 Roster Screen

Student Screen

  1. Name of class.
  2. Back: returns you to Class Screen.
  3. Add: allows you to add a new student.
  4. List of students. Tapping a name will allow you to edit the information or delete the student from the list.
  5. Students are listed in the order you choose in the Setting Screen. However, you can toggle between first name order and last name order with these two buttons.

#3 Random Screen

Random Screen

  1. Name of class.
  2. Name of last student called upon and the score given. (Debbie Massa A)
  3. Allows you to change the score for the previous student.
  4. Top Box: name of student to call upon.
  5. A/B/C/D: letter grades used for subjective, open-ended questions (opinion; analysis; synthesis; evaluation, etc.)
  6. PLUS/MINUS: score buttons for objective questions (yes/no; true/false; multiple choice; fill-in-the-blank)
  7. Next Queue: the next four students to be called upon.
  8. Hold Queue: students who had asked for more time when called upon.
  9. NR: no response from student called upon.
  10. SELECT: allows you to choose a student to call upon from the Roster Screen.
  11. PASS: allows you to skip a student. Can also be used to call upon students without scoring their responses.

#4 Selected Student Screen

Select Screen

  1. Cancel: returns you to Roster Screen.
  2. Student you selected.
  3. Student's current score information.

#5 Score Screen

Score Screen

  1. Cancel: returns you to previous screen.
  2. Quality of responses as a percentage.
  3. Number of response opportunities.
  4. SORT BY SCORE: sorts students by their percentage from high score to low.

#6 Privacy Screen

Privacy Screen

  1. Name of student.
  2. ST: student's response percentage.
  3. CL: class average.
  4. RANK: student's rank in the class.
  5. Student's scores by category.
  6. HOLD: number of times student asked for more time to respond.
  7. PASS: number of times you skipped the student.
  8. Record: allows you to date stamp your interaction with the student.
  9. OK: dismisses screen and returns you to the Score Screen.

#7 Info Screen

Info Screen

A reminder that the app settings can be found in the General Settings screen, five browser links, and a quick way to email me.

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